Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brimfield Finds & Answers

Good morning!  Four boxes of my Brimfield treasures all still in route, but I've got a few things to show you, in no particular order. I'll also answer a couple of questions I've had.  If you have a Brimfield question - let me know!
This texture of this Irish linen bookbinder's thread grabbed me.

Gina asked how we managed to avoid getting crushed in the opening crowds.
Our strategy this year was to arrive early and stake a position on the edge of whichever group we were in, preferably next to the road, a garbage can or a fence.  At the opening moment, we hung back for just a few seconds and then went in, again along the edge of the crowd.  We'd head toward the back or outside edge of a field - the crowds disperse quickly throughout a field.
No one will be surprised that I couldn't leave without these.

I'm often asked if you can buy for resale at Brimfield. Yes. You have to work at it, but it can be done. You do need to be careful not to be caught up in the 'wonderfulness' of something unusual. When I'm out purchasing items, there's a continuous ticking in my head - I'm calculating cost, expenses and potential profit.  Don't forget to consider  expenses. (In the case of Brimfield, it's travel, hotels, meals, shipping....)  I know what percentage I need to add to the item cost to find the true cost.  Experienced sellers know this, but I do meet a lot of young people just starting out.
This "Kate Greenaway Almanak for 1925" is not in great condition, but the illustrations are fabulous.

As much as I love you, my fellow dealers, my customers, my merchandise, this IS a business.  When I started, (part-time), in 1996, I decided I would always try to buy 'smart', never, ever use family money for my business, and always pay cash for merchandise.  If I do choose to purchase with a credit card, the balance is paid in full when the bill comes in.  ***This is what works for me - your situation may be different.***  At Brimfield, credit cards are not an option anyway, so be sure to bring plenty of cash.  It would be no fun to be there for a week with no money to spend! 

I love early books, (just for the look, mainly), and didn't find as many as I would have liked.

If you are fortunate enough to be at Brimfield 'just for fun', then have at it!  I can promise you'll enjoy shopping just for yourself!  I didn't initially buy this tote to keep...

...but it will probably stay with me, at least for awhile.  :)
It may end up on my bench with a portion of the sea glass collection I purchased. (Thank you USPS for flat rate boxes!!)

I love the patina and original labels on these old dumbbells.

You knew I'd come home with some letters, right?

There are 10 - 12 pounds of these in various sizes.  The largest are about 1 1/2" tall.

Margaret spotted a box of 12,000 'pearl-head' jewelry pins for me. Yes, 12,000.  You know I like multiples!
And these...
...probably thousands of 'jewels', many still individually wrapped.

This old beauty is a wax seal...

...letter 'R'.

That's all for today!  There are more pics to come, but I'll probably just post them on my facebook page as time allows.  Have yourselves a wonderful Tuesday.

Don't forget the Elkhorn Antique Market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin this Sunday, 7-3.  We'll be in the Small Animal Building, Space 29!


  1. You found some fabulous stuff! I dream about going to Brimfield someday. I love that tote with it's dreamy robin's egg blue color, and I also love the jewels. Lots of projects waiting with those!

  2. The wax stamp is wonderful. Of course you got letters.

  3. Wow, love the linen thread! Will you have that at the Waterloo Antiques Mall?

  4. Looks like you had a great trip and that you acquired some fabulous goodies...I will be heading over to your Elkhorn booth first thing!!....will you be setting up on Saturday? xo

  5. Positively fascinating. I have heard my best friends mom and her best friend talk about this place. Thank you for sharing : )

  6. I see you shipped via Fed Ex. How was the pricing? And Where did you take your items? We drove 30 miles to Worcester to ship our things on Greyhound back to Texas. It was work packing the boxes, but more reasonable than the shipper we used last year. We shipped four boxes back to San Antonio and they got here in less than three days. We were happy with that. We would definitely ship Greyhpund again, but we will pack more into each box, we could have saved some money. We are already planning for our trip next May. I will be doing a few posts on our trip in the next few days.




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