Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day In Sister Bay

Sister Bay is a small town in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.  CG and I spent a relaxing weekend there and before heading home stopped at the local cemetery for the Memorial Day observation.
We don't have any connection to the area other than vacationing there, but wanted to take a moment to honor America's fallen heroes.
It was the perfect small-town celebration.
The American Legion and VFW units were comprised largely of aging vets.
This gent attended in a wheelchair...
...but stood with assistance to salute when the Navy anthem was played.  Our veterans truly understand the price and value of freedom.
This soldier represented the current generation sacrificing for our nation's freedom.  The crowd responded with a standing ovation.
For sixty-five years this man has played taps here.
...yes sixty-five years..
(he must have started at a very young age!)
 Thanks to those who put together the ceremony at the Sister Bay cemetery; it was a most fitting way to pause and remember the reason for the holiday.


  1. Thank God for these who served and for those who gave their all.

  2. Oh Jan, you attended one of the most local, sweetest, heart wrenching events we have all year. The gent playing the horn is none other than Dale Seaquist, as is Seaquist Orchards and Farm Market. The high school band plays every year, and I have spent many a year attending the service.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving this attention as it is small America, and all America. These precious, brave men who battled for us and the least we can do is celebrate them.


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