Monday, July 2, 2012

A Manly Auction

Hot. It's been hot. I headed off to a local estate auction on Saturday with three frozen bottles of water.
When they were gone seven hours later, I headed  home. There was still a huge amount to be sold and I knew that there were going to be bargains, but the heat won. Go ahead, call me a wimp!
This row, three trailers long was less than 1/4 of what was sold that day.
Almost all of it went in box lots, and the lots got bigger as the day got later.
Some of the stuff that would have been cool to repurpose went to guys that restore cars. Rats.
They were willing to pay to get what they needed.
These old lights and reflectors looked like interesting.
I did buy a few lots, just to get the locker baskets that were holding the stuff.  I also got some great ephemera and several industrial drawer units in various sizes. Sorry, no photos yet. The Pilot fairy neglected to go out in the heat, unload and clean them up for me.
I love old tractor umbrellas and they are hard to find in good condition. It was a bit of a battle but I did triumph and come home with this. It's the coolest thing I got all day. Literally!  Hope your efforts this weekend were rewarded with something you love!
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  1. The heat would have got to me too Jan. Cool umbrella. We are taking our MINI WEES (grandkids) to the zoo in the am and I hope we can make it through the entire zoo without melting.

  2. I didn't go to the flea market this weekend..tooo HOT.
    Found some things at an estate sale and the house had A/C!
    Fun 4th of July at your booth.
    Keep cool!


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