Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Turquoise Annie

Finding the turquoise cupboard last week spurred me to finish a project I'd already started.  I'd painted this old frame in Annie Sloane Provence, but wasn't quite happy with it.  (Sorry, forgot to get a 'before' pic of the dirty old brown frame - please use your imagination!)   I've always found Provence to be a little 'heavy' and a bit 'muddy' for  my taste, so decided to experiment.  I used a favorite vintage stool as my inspiration color.
Through some crazy stroke of luck, it was a near-perfect match on the first try.  I poured a little old white into a container, added a little less Provence, and even less Antibes Green and this is the result.
I distressed it just a bit, waxed it and hung it up today, around one of my favorite pieces of artwork.
This little gal is titled 'Sink or Swim'; I love her and am inspired by the simple title daily. She was a gift from my pal, Candyce of Altered Ever After.   (Speaking of Candyce, you need to go read her latest blog entry on her harrowing adventure at Kane County this past weekend -yikes!)

Now I'm pondering what to do with the ice cream table & chairs.  I'm looking for a fun print, (with a touch of turquoise), to use for chair cushions,  and thinking about Old White.  The options are A. Leave them  B. Paint the chairs C. Paint the table top and/or base.

I'm linking up with Laura at The Ironstone Nest for Transformation Tuesday.  Let's all go see what everyone's been up to this summer!


  1. What a beautiful color this turned out to be!!
    Loving it -
    Your newest follower - would love to have you follow back!

  2. LOOOOOVE that color!! And those old frames are always my favorite, too!

    I hope this heat calms down, I have some auctions to get to this weekend! I've had enough of the 'great outdoors' after being at Kane this past weekend. Lol!


  3. Good color combo! We have them all on our shelf, we'll have to try it!

  4. Love the combination of colors! Very nice.

  5. That turned out beautifully, Jan...don't you love it when that happens? The engraved spoon you commented on from Beach N.D? Faye from Wild Rose Vintage looked it up and Beach was an army captain there around 1900...I couldn't imagine there were any beaches there either!


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