Monday, February 7, 2011

A Visit to Farmgirl Antiques

 Awhile back, our friend Jeanine, (Chippy!-SHaBBy!), posted about a new shop in Milwaukee, called Farmgirl Art & Antiques.  Last week, my junksister Kathy and I both needed a fun day out.  (Kathy recently lost her dear Mom, I was feelin' blue about Gracie, and we both had cabin fever after the big blizzard....)  Off we went!
Lisa Goldner owns Farmgirl Art & Antiques. The shop is located in a wonderful old building with windows all the way around, a shabby tin ceiling and wood floors. It's the perfect setting for all the great shabby, industrial, and primitive treasures you'll find for sale.  This little hutch in the window is a heart-grabber!
 Chippy BLUE chair....(you know how I love blue!)
Wouldn't you love to do a bathroom with this old sink?
This little promise of spring was in the front window.
Kathy found a darling beadboard cupboard that she's
going to use in her kitchen.
 I couldn't resist these wooden dominoes...
 They're charming advertising pieces from the early 1900's! 
Be sure to visit Lisa's blog to keep up on the latest happenings at her shop, and if you're anywhere in the area you'll want to stop and shop!  Just a few blocks away is Antiques on 2nd. 
It's a huge mall, (3 floors), located in another great old building.
There's a little bit of everything there, but I always manage to find a treasure or two.

****I want to thank everyone for your caring thoughts on my Gracie post.
Blogland is filled with the most loving people...hugs to you all, 
for you, your dear pets...and for the 'old friends' you've lost....



  1. I love all the finds, it seems like all the "good" shops are on the west coast, and of course I live on the East coast!

  2. Dear Jan, Just catching up on my blog reading and I am so sorry to read about Gracie. I believe dogs go to heaven too so my friend I am sure you will meet again. Glad to see you are doing Grayslake...we are too! I will be looking for you. xo

  3. I was hoping to head towards Cedarburg last weekend and it didn't happen. Maybe that's so I would save some money and can check out this shop. Sounds like a fun place to explore.

    I hope it warms up for you for Grayslake.

  4. Hi Jan, A couple of my friends and I hope to get to this shop sometime soon! It looks awesome! Sorry to hear about your sweet doggie companion :( by the way, your new blog design looks wonderful!! Stay warm, Julie

  5. Jan, So sorry to hear about Gracie, I was out of town last week and just got a chance to read your blog. I'm sure your memories of her will bring countless smiles over the years. Your blog looks great. !!!! Terry (Jeanine'sChippy Shabby's BFF)


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