Friday, June 24, 2011

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market Preview

It's gonna be a Yankee Doodle Dandy day at Elkhorn on Sunday...perfect weather, hundreds of vendors inside and do not want to miss this!   We've been stocking our cart with great finds for your summer pleasure.
 With the fourth of July just a week away, we've got dozens of flags in all sizes for your festivities, including cotton, wool and silk.  Two of our large flags are from a Daughters of the G.A.R. post.  
 Carnival canes add a touch of whimsy, and kids love 'em!
...clocks & corbels in abundance
 Of course we'll have our popular Fixings Bar, loaded with little treasures for the artists who shop our booth.  Here's a peek at 4 drawers full of fabulous chandy prisms, including some beautiful BLUE drops.
We're 'fans' of industrial items too, and are bringing a few select favorites!
Patriotic, industrial, shabby, primitives...we've got a wide variety of wonderful finds for YOU.   The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is easily accessible from Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee...and you wouldn't be disappointed if you drove a few hours from Iowa or Minnesota or flew in from anywhere else. We promise!  The market opens at 7 a.m. on Sunday.  Early buyers can also get in on Saturday afternoon during set-up.  Hope to see YOU there.  We'll try to post some pics on our new facebook page during setup. 
We're in the SMALL ANIMALS building, space 29

We're linking up with the blogger block party today...check it out!
Update...we were the 1000th link-up to the party and it's still growing! Big congrats to all the host bloggers on a mega-successful party!


  1. Jan! Hope you have a fabulous time at the flea market! Thank you so much for participating in the Summer Block Party!! You are link 1,000!!! How exciting. We are posting this right now on our Facebook Page!

  2. I’ll vouch for Elkhorn and I fly over 2,500 miles to get there and drive straight from Milwaukee Airport to Elkhorn, settle into my room and wait for early next morning. Ohhh, wish I was going...I’m ready.

  3. Wow! Everything looks great. Especially love the Fixings Bar -- hope you do well!!

  4. so fun...wish i could go! i'm totally loving the clocks in your display...have fun and thanks for linking up to the summer block party!

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