Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grayslake II - Great Little Finds

First stop was for ribbon & millinery flowers from Georgette

Joan's account of the photos she found recently was fascinating; I had to have a few of them.  Why are those girls painting the fence in their unmentionables?

Key tags and numbers are two of my favorite things. Key tags with numbers...perfect!  Made a stop on the way home and found the old brass watch case.

Vintage price tag's from McCabe's.  Anyone know where McCabe's was/is?

 Chippy sap bucket from Iowa Junk Gypsies in Christmas colors

Transfers from Rhubarb Reign; can't wait to test drive them on a project

Vintage seam binding from Joan in the most delicious colors.


  1. I love that watch case...is that a seller or a keeper...let me know..

  2. Wonderful finds~ my favorite is the seam binding!

  3. I so wish I was somewhere near you to find all these wonderful treasures but where I live things are not nearly this nice. Seems like all the things here are more broken or too far gone. I am so inspired by the vintage choices you make. What is the large thing you thought was too expensive. i could not figure it out at all?? Thanks for joining my blog.

  4. Donnna - In the next post down, the locker basket unit. It wasn't too expensive for what it is; it's wonderful. It was beyond my budget for something that I would have to just store away as I have absolutely nowhere that it would fit. It's amazing!

  5. The Iowa Junk Gypsises always have great stuff {I see them at Kane}! You got some really fabulous stuff!!! I have never been to the Grayslake flea, but would love to make it one of these days!

    :) T


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