Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Children's Hats

There's something about an old straw hat in a small size that charms me.  
A few of them are hanging in the sunroom.
Last summer my granddaughters borrowed two of them for a bit...
...to keep the sun off while walking Gracie.
The favorite of my small collection is this one.
I call it the "coming & going hat", as it has a brim front & back.
 It's tattered and worn...
 ...and has a little surprise inside.


  1. Those hats are just charming!

  2. I love your granddaughters' shadow portraits. How creative. Rosemary

  3. Little girls and hats...so adorable. Thanbks for stopping by my blog...I LOVED setting up next to Joan and posted about it today!

  4. Just wanted to get back to you and thank you personnaly for the sweet comment you made on my blog about our grandson!! Truly I cried! That is one of my favorite bible verses and so appropriate! I will become a new follower and I know you've been one of mine for awhile and sorry I'm such a slacker in returning the favor! Have a great day! Julie

  5. Me again--by the way, where in Wisconsin do you live? I live just south of Fond du lac- about 1 hr. N of Milw. It's so nice to meet a fellow Wisconsinite blogger!! Julie

  6. Julie - I'm in Waterford, (Racine County). I think we met when I shopped the Vintage Nest in Sturgeon Bay in Feb?? That was you wasn't it? ...it was such a terrific sale!

  7. Sorry-not me at that sale!! I wanted to go to it but we had my daughter's baby shower that weekend! Take care, Julie


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