Friday, April 23, 2010

Start Humming 'God Bless America' and Come Meet Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam.  Here he is; one of my favorite old men.  Vintage patriotic items have been on my radar for years and I love the red, white and blue. My heart immediately began to race when I spotted him in the garage at an estate sale. Over 85 people had been admitted to the sale before I arrived to shop the multi-building sale. After forty-five minutes of shopping the first building I strolled into the garage and saw him.  
 With a sinking heart I figured that he'd been sold
and was just waiting for pickup.
No!  He was available and waiting for me.
He's a tall, thin fellow and stands just a skosh under seven feet.
His pants, head & hat are of solid wood while his 
hat brim, bow tie, coat & arms are made of plywood.
He was made to be a flag holder and likely used
outside to call attention to a store.
He originally would have held a full-size flag.
I don't have one of the proper age so loaned him
a few of my smaller flags for the photos.
His right side is more worn & faded indicating that he
encountered more sun on that side.
There are traces of old varnish in some areas.
I love every detail including his handsome face...

...the stars on his hat...
...his striped pants...
...and the epaulets on his shoulders.
His actual age & history is a mystery.  It's evident that a few 
repairs were made over the years. The estate he came from
was that of someone who had collected
with hopes of opening an antiques store.
 Uncle Sam will be making his first public appearance 
in September.  He'll be the official greeter
at our booth at Junk Bonanza.
Save the date and come see us there!
- God Bless America -


  1. What an amazing piece of folk art! I can't wait to see this at Junk Bonanza!!

  2. What a cool find! I will be doing a vintage Fourth of July link party so you may want to show him!

    I just wrote a post about the Grayslake Show and linked people to your two recap posts and wanted you to know! Have a great weekend. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  3. He is wonderful... so glad he waited for you and didn't run off w/someone else.


  4. I just adore your Uncle Sam! And yes-he was waiting for his special person-YOU! Luv~Betty

  5. He is just awesome. What a great find! I am red, white and blue with envy!


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