Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hunt & Gather, Minneapolis

Our buddy Jeanine gave us a heads-up on a great shop in Minneapolis, Hunt & Gather.  They had a fabulous teaser booth at Junk Bonanza and kindly opened the store an hour early on Sunday so we could shop before heading home. (THANKS!)  The store was loaded with people soon after we arrived.
 I suspect that everything was a bit picked over after Junk Bonanza.  (I know that Tamarah and Angie had a whole lot of fun there one evening, and I'm sure that dozens of others filled their shopping bags as well!) Still, there were zillions of items to see - from the traditional... the offbeat

This huge dome with birds was aMAZing!

But my favorite part of the store were the two rooms to the right of the entrance; a chaotic cacophony of all of my favorite things, letters, numbers, schnibbles & bits.
I can't wait to return!

P.S. Now that Junk Bonanza is over, we've got a bit more time to devote to our etsy shop.
Watch for new additions daily!


  1. Great place! Wish we had more shops like that here!

  2. I love Hunt and Gather...some of the spaces there make my heart skip a beat...

  3. Wow, that bird dome IS Amazing! Tamara x

  4. Okay, doll bits kinda creepy but the cloche was wonderful. ♥O

  5. What a great word...schnibbles. Describes junk perfectly!

  6. Lucky you what a super store,would have a hard time picking out a favorite thing I like them all(well maybe not the doll parts).Looks like a place I may have try and get to
    Have a great day Ginger

  7. Jan, I was so bummed I didn't get to meet you or check out your booth :( I see you do Kane County so I'll just have to make a trip there sometime. As to Hunt and Gather, I'm a big fan! They actually had a sale starting tonight I wish I could have gone to but it's been raining so crazy here, I didn't want to venture out. They have such amazing stuff. I did hear Ang, Tamarah and Amy closed the place down on Friday night so no wonder it may have been picked over. LOL!


  8. Oh this place ROCKS FOR SURE....I spent SO MUCH moolah there it wasn't funny....But I enjoyed E-V-E-R-Y cent of it....hahahahaha....WISH I could teleport the place down here to Oz....!!!


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