Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shakopee - Need A Little Help from the Locals

...warning - not a normal blog post  <:O
Kathy and I arrived in Shakopee around 2:30 this morning - barely.  At a gas stop 20 miles out Kathy's van was making a horrible noise.  It was deserted there but a guy "happened" to pull in just as Kathy was popping the hood, and he was a mechanic. His guess was that it was the water pump or possibly serpentine belt.  There were no warning lights on her instrument panel; he thought it would be ok to try and get to the hotel.

We cautiously made our way here, checked in and pulled around to park. Just as Kathy was parking she lost her power steering. 

After just a few hours sleep we aren't thinking too clearly.  We can't get in to Junk Bonanza until 10. Do we unload my van, then come back and load her stuff into my van and take it over?  Or do we try to get her towed and have the tow truck stop at Canterbury Park so we can unload it - is that even possible?

Can anyone from this area recommend a good garage?  The guy at the gas station last night suggested Firestone because they have a nationwide guarantee...


  1. Jan I'm pretty sure Garth would say stick with a dealership.It doesn't have to be the maker of the van,but a dealership will be more honest than a chain store(jiffy lube ) places like that. GOOD LUCK we'll keep our fingers crossed,let us know whats happening. G

  2. Hey Kathy....!

    I hope you've been able to organise something....I wonder if you're staying at the same hotel as me.... :o)

    Cheers for a bit,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. What terrible news, I hope it all works out o.k., Tamara x

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope everything's been taken care of and you can concentrate on the Junk Bonanza!

  5. I read this post late! I hope you made it! It can only get better. Just keep moving forward. At some point, no matter how difficult, you will get there and set up. Then you can just enjoy.

  6. Ask at the hotel if they can recommend a good, dependable mechanic in the area...also try the local coffee shop. I say get it unloaded and then whoever is doing the repairs, see if they can make arrangements for towing also.
    Good luck. Sure sounds like how our shows start out!


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