Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grain Sack Totes

***Update: Thank you for your kind comments on the totes; I'm not yet offering them for sale as I'm still tweaking the process. I'll do a blog post if/when I make them available for sale. 

Finally, my sewing machine and I are getting reacquainted.  I'm ashamed to tell you how many years it's been since we've spent much time together. And frankly, rebuilding the relationship is taxing my patience. I'm expecting more from it than it's willing to give. It seems my machine  has a delicate constitution and doesn't like to go through multiple layers, but we're working it out.
Since I acquired hundreds of grain sacks last year and began selling them, I've noticed that many of them have been shunned.  A few small stains or a flaw in the fabric and they get passed over.  Since we've previously established that I love "gnarly", I decided to sew a few totes from some of the "less than perfect" sacks.
 They're big and can hold loads of great junk at a flea market.
The fabric has a wonderful earthy feel, soft & sturdy at the same time.  The little imperfections don't bother me.
Finally, a moment to create and I'm pleased with the outcome. I do, however, have a longing for an industrial sewing machine!  

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  1. Those totes are gorgeous. No matter how long it's been since you've used a sewing machine, you never forget how to use it. It's sort of like riding a bicycle. I can thread mine with my eyes closed. It must feel so good to get reacquainted and create these lovely and useful bags. Hope you get tons of orders.
    xo, Rosemary

  2. LOVE your totes!!!! They are perfect:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Caers of the vintage vixens

  3. love the totes perfect for flea mkt or garage sale times!! i didn't see or i missed them in your shop.

  4. These are wonderful, you plan to make them for sale, too?

  5. Your totes are amazing! Are you going to sell them on etsy ~ I promptly went to check and did not see any. Glad I am near enough that I can come to one of your shows! I hope!

  6. Thanks for your very kind comments - I'm not selling them yet but will do a blog post when/if I do...

  7. These are awesome and please let us know when they are for sale. Wouldn't it make a perfect Flea Market bag???

    Also thanks for all your sweet comments:)

    Take care,


  8. You found a winner. Make em nice and big with long enough straps...others that I have seen are just too about ones that line a push cart?

  9. You and your sewing machine look to be working together in harmony to me! The totes are gorgeous!! They will be big sellers.

  10. Yes please let us know when they are for sale! Gorgeous! I need to get reacquaited with my sewing machine as well. I used to sew a lot and now...nope not so much. lol.

  11. I simlpy can't wait for them to go on sale! The excitement is killing me!

  12. These would work perfect for Brimfield!

  13. What's a little stain or two between friends. They are gorgeous in all their gnarly glory!

  14. I miss my machine too. Got a new fancy one a Fall ago and still haven't had time to play with all the stitches and I'd buy one of your totes for sure. Fun to tote the old to put the old in. Happy Easter. :)

  15. Beautiful bags! Love all the graphics.


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