Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Fun Stop

A year ago I read a post by Ki on the Junk Camp blog about some antique malls she'd visited on a trip.  We  happened to be traveling the same route recently and couldn't resist stopping at the town she'd mentioned. At King Cotton we were warmly greeted by the owner Philip.
His shop is loaded with interesting items and quite a few things walked out the door with me...including this beautiful large vintage cage that will be coming to Grayslake with me next weekend.
Philip also clued us in to this:
 ...I'm pretty sure we would have never stopped here on our own.
It turned out to be a contender for "best meal of our vacation".  A-mazing BBQ. (Thanks for the recommendation Philip!)
After lunch, we headed across the street to the Braggin' Bull Antique Mall.
(Sadly, this mall will be closing on April 30th)
CG snapped a quick pic of my favorite find there before loading it up.
Patina perfection!  You'll see this one at Grayslake also.
There's lots more to show you but I've got to get busy now and plot my path for tomorrow...
stay tuned!


  1. I just LoVe when a Good Eating Spot is recommended!!! C-U at Grayslake THIS UPCOMING WEEKEND!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Jan looks like you found yourself some sweet southern treasures. Love the sign! Drive safe....

  3. Wow what great finds and a fun outing. I really like that sign.

  4. Hi Jan....what a great blog! It looks like we like to do the same thing....road trip, shop and eat! Isn't it great when you find something out of the way that you NEVER would have stopped at, and then it turns into the most wonderful experience EVER! I've added myself as a follower and hope you come by and see me sometime! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston!


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