Monday, October 24, 2011

Collector's Eye - Iowa

Collector's Eye and the Midwest Antique & Art Show occur together twice a year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Midwest Antique Show showcases high-end dealers with museum quality primitives, art, advertising and furniture. My favorite sightings included some amazing trade signs. Wish I'd had a chance to get some photos.

The Collector's Eye is a more casual show, featuring a nice variety of mostly traditional antiques and collectibles. Mid-Century and Industrial items were spotted here and there but not in large quantities.

Things were hopping as the show opened, and slowed down in the afternoon. It was 70 degrees and sunny; I imagine that contributed to the quiet afternoon in a big way. Ginger and Garth stopped by and it was great to see them. (We met when I did the Mount Vernon show last year and they saved my bacon several times that weekend!)

Following are random unedited pics from our booth. Kathy and I are still in Iowa and looking forward to shopping our way home for a report later in the week. (Next post I'll tell you about my visit to the fascinating "Rabbit Hole" at Simply Iowa.)

Thanks to everyone that visited us at Collector's Eye!


  1. Lots of eye candy here! Wish I had been there to shop!

  2. Looks like you had some great stuff...I so wish I could come your way...maybe one day:) My flea bag sure did come in handy last week at the Nashville Flea Market (even Mr.CC loved it).



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