Friday, October 21, 2011

Everything From Kitsch to Americana - Collector's Eye Show - Preview Part 2

"Sam" will be the official greeter in our booth at the Collector's Eye Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday.  He's seven feet tall and a wonderful example of vintage Americana.  (I think I shared the story previously of my three year old granddaughter walking in and seeing him,  "Jesus!" she said. We told her he was "Uncle Sam" and for the rest of her visit she referred to him as "Sam", "Jesus" or "Sam-Jesus".  On her most recent visit she had his name right "Sam", "not Jesus...cause Jesus is God".
Sam's message this weekend: "buy American"....or better yet, "buy VINTAGE American goods".

Of course it wouldn't be right to have only serious merchandise in our booth...that's not how the sun shines in our world. There's gotta be room for a little silly fun.  How about this mid-century doll sofa?  It's got a little secret!

It's a hide-a-bed, suitable for a mid-size doll.  (Or five friendly couples.)  Is that not fun?  We think so, and so it's headed to Iowa as well.

Serious antiques, kitschy fun and everything in between...come see us in BOOTH #18!


  1. I can see why she thought it was Jesus - she is right, Jesus is God! Good luck at your show! Blessings right now from Chicago...

  2. The little doll sofa, so cute. I know I would have loved it as a child.And my daughter would be crazy for the uncle Sam. Smiles, Susie

  3. My Barbies really could have used this hide-a-bed, what with Skipper and Francie always sleeping over! And of course I love Sam, and I hope you never get rid of him!

  4. Those vintage cake toppers would be so cool for a modern wedding!


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