Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letters & Numbers ...It's Been Awhile!

You know we love our letters and numbers.  Sadly, not many have found their way to my outstretched arms lately!  Thanks to Hippie Tom I did get some BIG 24" gas station numbers last week that are de-lish-us! pal Margaret - Lady Liberty's Treasure Chest, found a few big 12" white letters for me recently.  Thanks Margaret!

Both types have been added to the popular Letters & Numbers section of our etsy shop.  Check it out!

We're linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday; you'll be inspired by all the delightful posts you'll find there!


  1. Hello Jan!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day. It was good to hear from you. I love your giant number. I already went to see them all at your etsy store, I want that huge number 5. We about to seal the deal for getting a hous and our street number would be 5. So I was just wondering, could send one to Finland? and if you could, can you tell me how much that would be?

    Cheers from FIN


  2. Jan, they are yummy. I once owned a house that had an old store on the property with old Coke signs and I left them-I am an idiot. Will e-mail you later today! hugs♥O

  3. Loving the numbers and letters! I'm just discovering them, and looking for them.
    Great post about Hippie Tom.


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