Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Chalk Paint Project

It's as solid as a rock and was obviously built by a skilled craftsman.  I found this great old spice box at a barn sale as I was on the way to Carter's Cottage on  Saturday.  The original finish was a mess.  It looked like someone had started to sand it down for refinishing.  

I've been looking for a piece like this; a handy place to keep all of my phone, iPad and camera chargers. I dove right into my ASCP Old White and got it going.

It didn't look that great after the first coat...

By the time the second coat had dried, it was looking much better.

No, it's not purple-y.  (We are in the midst of charcoal-grey days...this photo and the next were nearly impossible to get at all.) The one big mistake I made was painting the inside of the cabinet and all of the outside edges of the drawers.  I should have known better; the drawers would not fit back in.   Thank heavens for my mouse sander. I can testify to the fact that if you ever need to remove ASCP, it can be done with a sander.  I went through three sanding pads, but finally got the paint off and the drawers to fit back in place.
I'm not entirely happy with my distressing and may ultimately put on another coat of paint and try again.  For now there's one more little thing to finish.  I'm going to drill holes in the back of the frame and in the back of the third drawer so that I can thread my charger cords through and plug them into the wall.   My little 'charging station' is nearly complete.  It's true what I've been hearing; no prep before painting and easy cleanup.  I used a standard paste wax to coat this project but am looking forward to trying the ASCP waxes when they are back in stock.  I'm ready to tackle the next project!

Now let's all go over to Faded Charm for the 125th edition White Wednesday; (Congrats Kathleen on a great linky party!) I for one am looking for some happy whiteness to brighten this gloomy day!


  1. Great little piece. Don't you love how paint fixes most anything?

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Darling little piece you have will love the Annie Sloan waxes too!!!


  3. I love your little spice box. What a great find!

  4. Great spice box Jan. Good for you for organizing your gadgets too. I am still deciding if I want to spend the money for that paint. I am so frugal and the cost is hard for me to jump over.

  5. Am I the only person on the planet that hasn't tried chalk paint? Love your box. Maybe you should wax it? I don't think you mentioned you did... seems like everybody loves what the wax adds to the distressing...

  6. Great to see you! And glad to hear your thoughts about the chalk paint; seems like everyone is liking it. Thanks for your comment on the blog, too. See you soon. xo

  7. Gah...before I can organize anything, I first have to find it.
    Cute project and except for a couple of hiccups...turned out fantastic.

  8. i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...


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