Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shopping the Kane County Flea Market

A beautiful, warm, sunny day in November is a bonus, never to be taken for granted. I decided Saturday morning that there was no reason to stay home, so pointed South and ended the day at the Kane County Flea Market.  I didn't purchase much, but had a great time visiting with friends that were selling.  It was a who's who of my favorite creative people.  I saw Jill,  Altered Ever After, with her fabulous jewelry.  (Her talented Mom wasn't with her...missed you Candyce!).  Mark, (Room 363) and Traci, (Whimsy) lit up the Sheep Barn with Christmas inspiration.  Janice had a fabulous display there, too.

The Robinson building was loaded with fantastic finds from the likes of  Joe & Sandy, (Rhubarb Reign), Diane Landry, Judy & Anita, (Iowa Junk Gypsies), Rosemary, (Villa Barnes), Michelle O, and Diane Passi. (I thought I was being sneaky getting loads of pictures of Diane's booth when she'd stepped away; sadly only one turned out.)

Enjoy the photos - (you can click to enlarge), and see my Facebook page for some random shots of the market.


  1. Awww, thanks for the mention. It was great to see you. How nice it must have been to just visit and shop. It's hard to get away for too long when you're set up. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. I'm so jealous of all the outstanding shows you have in your neck of the woods...we don't have many here:( Thanks for sharing it with ME!!!


  3. Thanks for the mention. Great to see you! Janice

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my booth at Kane! You've got a GREAT blog!! Thanks for sharing pics:)
    XO Traci


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