Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Glamorous Life

I love leaving the house in the morning and finding the most delicious vintage items.

Why, it's practically effortless!  Wherever I'm going, I walk right in...
...pick up the best stuff and head home.

I wish.  It's not quite that simple. Surprised?  Sometimes you dig through piles of c-r-a-p-o-l-a,  hoping that a rat isn't going to scurry by, haggle with someone that wants to charge you high-end shop prices for the dirtiest little treasures and head home, praying all the way that you haven't been exposed to some deadly virus in the dirty air.

I had just such an experience last week.  Most of the estate sale companies in our area are reputable. They clean the homes, organize the merchandise and charge reasonable prices.  There is one that doesn't. I usually avoid their sales like the plague, but Kathy called and said it might be worth digging.  I unearthed a few things.
 A bunch of vintage Daisy BBs

Boxing gloves

Cool old pie pans

Nice early funnels

Tole till tray

Primitive cutting board

A friendly pig

Letter sweater J

Awesome parts drawers

A pile of interesting industrial signs

 Sweet little books

..and my favorite, a tiny Victorian powder box

It's less than 2" long; I'm not sure if it was a sample or for a fancy doll...(what do you think?)  Sometimes it's worth digging!

I'm linking up with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, because, well, it's still Tuesday in some parts!  :)   And you should head over there and check out all the gals that have linked up this week...fun!

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  1. The thrill of the hunt!!! Yes I know it too well!! and keep wet ones in the car, cause I know that dirty hand feel too, haha:-)
    You found some pretties love the till drawer, and the powder box is amazing, that would have been enough to make me beyond happy!! Gorgeous goodies!

  2. I know just what you mean about those dirty, overpriced sales! Sounds like some of the thrift shops around here! You managed to find some wonderful treasures, I especially adore the divided metal tray. Love!

  3. yes--i'm lovin' all the goodies you found--my fave is the metal stuff. i'm so drawn to metalware and wire things (love that wooden pig cutting board too)

  4. Jan, I like going through rooms like that but would not do it every day. When I find treasures like you did it thrills me. We have a few good estate sales this weekend but the prices tend to be a tad higher than I am usually willing to pay unless they go 50% off. Hugs♥Olive

  5. O, don't you LUV finding treasures like this? Boy Howdy, I sure do. :))

  6. Wow! It was worth ratting through the yukky stuff. I love that metal toolbox.. Just terrific.

    Have great week!


  7. I know what you mean......
    but aren't ya glad you went to this one!!!

    Love the till!!

    PS.....baby wipes!! easier on the hands!!

  8. A little scary, but so worth it, huh?
    LOVE the little powder box!!!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your vintage finds!!!!


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