Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks Grayslake!....and Come See Us At Elkhorn

At the Grayslake Antique Flea Market this weekend I talked to loads of people about the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market next Sunday, (May 15), and was surprised by a., how many had never heard of it and b., how many had heard of this show but never attended.  Elkhorn is an amazing show and should not be missed!

Speaking of Grayslake, I'm sorry that I have no photos of some of the great vendors that were there; it was busy enough that I didn't leave my booth for long.  I couldn't resist pulling over on a country road on my way there on Sunday to capture this, however.

A big thanks to all of my buyers for a successful show; the big chippy corbels are going to a great home in Door County. Paper & garden items were the most popular categories, selling steadily all weekend. I love selling to other dealers as well; it's a large part of my business. The fab group of industrial looking alarm clocks that I bought at Kane last week sold before opening to a dealer friend. Within an hour she had sold them to a well-known dealer from Chicago. I really believe that there would be no antiques trade if we weren't all buying from each keeps the business rolling! 

I'm headed to Brimfield first thing tomorrow morning and hope to share a few photos from there later this week.

*****The rest of this post was first published in May, 2010.*****
If you've not been to Elkhorn you really must go on Sunday!  Kathy and I will be in the Small Animal Building, Space 29.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the grounds were packed at Elkhorn yesterday.  We didn't get out of our booth much, but snapped a few photos when we made a run to the van.  This vendor had a dreamy selection of pottery in summery colors.
Kathy spotted this great chair.  It was a little spendy for us, but I didn't see it at the end of the day...
A vendor down the aisle from us had a wonderful display of crisp & bright vintage textiles. Isn't this dress and apron combo "the best"?
 Our neighbors in the Small Animal Building included Vintage Girl Stuff, Sezessions and Young American Picker.  We loved our new space.  What a difference it makes having "semi-clean" cement under your feet instead of the dirt that we battled for 2+ years in our previous location.  Happily, most of our regulars found us.
Our booth was a hot mess soon after opening; a lot of the bigger pieces were gone and we had a hard time getting in to rearrange.  
The best moments of the day involved blogger friends, The Junk Mammas stopped in and soon after Junkin Julie arrived.  It was great to meet Kim & Jenny and Julie.  Check out their blogs when you have a moment.  
Jeanine from ChiPPy SHaBBy! popped in for a moment. I think Jeanine was born with a "ChiPPy chip" that leads her to the bEst! finds. I can't wait to shop her sale next weekend. 
Toward the end of the day I ran over to see the Anything Goes Here booth. Joan obviously had a great day; there wasn't much left.  We never got to visit the Iowa Junk Gypsies. We saw their location on the way out Saturday night but the girls were nowhere to be seen.  (Out buying?)   Candyce & Jill from Altered Ever After were there somewhere but they were undoubtedly busy and we never connected.  (Missed you!)

Today preparations for the Northwind Perennial Farm Antique & Garden Show begin . No, that's not exactly true. Today we might unload the van, ship orders, catch up on accounting, take Gracie for a walk and then rest our tired tootsies.... Happy Monday everyone!  


  1. We LOVED Elkhorn!!! It was very nice to meet you, we loved our grain sacks. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you next year, or possibly at Junk Bonanza!

    The Junk Mammas-Jen & Kim

  2. sheboygan grain sack gone?? Did those ladies up there get it? me one if you ever see it agin..can’t wait for my turn at Elkhorn...

  3. Hi Jan, It was SO great meeting you at Elkhorn on Sunday!!! I wish we could've had more time to chat and get to know one another better, but I'm also glad that you were so busy!! Yaaay for you!! Guess we'll just have to visit here! Take care, Julie

  4. Hi Jan...I had a great show too! In fact it was my best show EVER! Funny part about it, most of my merch had been packed away in my trailer all winter long from last September's Elkhorn. Funny how what doesn't sell at one show might sell at the next. I was disappointed I wasn't able to get to your building early Sunday to see you and Vintage Girl Stuff's finished booth but hubby wouldn't let me leave my booth!

  5. It's ALWAYS sooooo fun to stop in a booth and be called by YOUR BLOG NAME!*!*! Good to see BOTH of You!!! Thanks sooooo much for linking my SaLe Info ~ much appreciated!!! I'm sure your SaLes exceeded your expectations - it was JUST MOBBED at Elkhorn!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  6. Hi, Jan! You gals certainly deserved a great were working on it from the start of setup straight through to the start of the show. Looked great and obviously all the customers thought so too by the constantly busy booth you had. Chalk up another fun Elkhorn!

  7. Looks like a great sale~ and SO fun you could meet some other bloggers!

  8. I've been making the rounds, sounds like this was a great show, I would have loved to have been there! Great seeing photos of everyone!

  9. Love all the pics shown, and shared! Hmm...sooo much fun, and there are some great treasures there too!:) Thanks for sharing, and it looks like there was a lot of fun with this show too:)

  10. Hey Jan -- Glad you liked my definition! And glad to hear that Elkhorn went so well. I still can't believe I've never been there! Come see us again. xo

  11. WOW...this looks like it was so much fun!

  12. Looks like it was SICK! (that's wht the young folks say for AWSOME)

  13. Hi Jan,
    What a great time was had by all. I have no restraint so am blessed we have none of those here. I am thrilled bunches you follow my blog and I now follow yours! All this is new to me and my learning curve is so deep I might fall in and drown.



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