Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Wednesday Brimfield Style

Congrats to Kathleen at Faded Charm on her 100th White Wednesday!
In honor of the occasion, I'm sharing the "white-iest" of my Brimfield photos.

The white line on the side of highway 20; it was very important to stay on the right side of it when dashing from field to field...we didn't want to be squished by a loaded truck or a driver distracted by the stuff in the fields.

Loved,loved loved those Swedish clocks.

Lots of sweet whiteness here.

Wish I'd brought some of these home.

Chairs from Holland...

...too delicious for words!

This will bring back memories for many folks that grew up in the Dairy State.


Ironstone galore

The church at the end of the fields.
Now let's all get in line and head on over to Faded Charm and shout out a big "thanks" to Kathleen for hosting White Wednesday!


  1. I remember when neighbors would go to Illinois to buy margarine that was already “mixed”. We got it with that little sachet of color you mixed with the slab of marg. yuk....Thanks for sharing...love Brimfield.

  2. Wow, I have never seen so many ceramic glove moulds, and those chairs are beautiful. Love all the photos, I hope there will be more. Hope you are having/had a fantastic time, Tam x

  3. What a place to go and drool...better take a cloth to wipe my chin!!! Thanks for sharing all the fantastic eye candy - LOVE those clocks...
    and especially the white church...so serene...

  4. Found you at Kathleen's white Wednesday, Brimfield, what a dream trip! Looove that round white window, clocks, ironstone, all of it! Why can't we bring everything home!

  5. Wasn't Brimfield great this year!!
    Looking forward to September!


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