Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elkhorn...Bad Weather and Happy Shoppers

Wow, it's been a surreal spring in Wisconsin. The best thing we can say is that it hasn't been snowing. Rain, wind and clouds have ruled the skies most of the time. I flew in from Brimfield Saturday afternoon and went straight to Elkhorn for setup. Kathy saved my bacon by handling the "heavy lifting" and getting all the basics in place for our booth before I arrived so that we could get right to unpacking. (I owe you one, Kathy!)

The weather was so awful that many of the outside dealers opted out of this show...that's extremely rare here. They normally persevere because the shoppers will be out in any weather. They came in droves on Sunday.

It was so crowded that many times we had to "body block" the entrances to our space. (We've had to adopt a "max of 10 shoppers in at one time" policy, after some "pilferage" when the booth is packed.)

The day went by in a blur...thanks so much to everyone that came out. Lory, Steve & Barb, Katie, Hope, Jeanine & Jeff, Kathy from Upper Michigan, Pam from Fresh EggsAllison from My Artsy Fartsy Life...it was great to see each of you, (and everyone else that's escaping my foggy brain at the moment.)

It is Tuesday and that means it's Bloggers Bodega over at Capers of the Vintage Vixens..go check it out! The first of my boxes from Brimfield arrived yesterday and I've begun the process of reloading Gracie's Cottage on etsy with fun finds. Check back often for new listings.

Next post will be more on Brimfield....my laptop died the day before leaving home so off to the repair shop we went yesterday. Awkwardness rules as I try to blog bouncing between the iPad and our dinosaur pc. See ya soon!

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  1. I saw the Elkhorn and said "what"?(in my head anyway), I'm in Elkhorn Nebraska...one day I was in 3 Elkhorn's in one day. Oh, it's true.


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