Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happiness Colors

I've been known to drool over photos of white rooms layered with delicious shapes and textures, but when it comes to 'living', I need to be surrounded with color.  My favorite colors are the shades of the Caribbean Sea... soft blues & greens
This little collection populates the sunroom. 
The upside down urn...  

...and it's twin were my favorite finds in Minnesota last weekend.

I adore this old bottle, "For The Hair".

Matte glazes seem to be especially
appropriate on these colors.

 Now you've met my "happiness" colors...what are yours?


  1. Your shelf looks fabulous. I love all the shades of blue and green you've used. My happiness colors are usually earth tones. They seem to dominate my house.
    Have a great week.

  2. So beautiful. I too love that McCoy blue and matt finish. I’ve got colors and junk all over my no real favorites. You have a wonderful eye.

  3. Love the pottery collection. Love that color. I'm a color junky too, but seem to have a lot of green, brown, aqua and peachy/coral-ish. I've tried to do an all white room, but color sneaks in before I've started good.

  4. Love your favourite colors! As I work for Benjamin Moore as a colour consultant I change my mind constantly when it comes to colour! One week blues the next week greens and on and on. This week though I'm having a 'pomegranate' week!

  5. Jan, love your new Minnesota "twins". Red ~ white ~ blue are my favs.

  6. Hi Jan, I'd love to go shopping with you any day :)

    I like looking at the white on white rooms, but I need to have colour, it warms my soul. My happiness colours are teal blue, 30's green, and pink.

    Wow, I love your shelf and everything on it. How cute is the little chair and the chalkware cupie!

    bye for now, Tam x

  7. I love color too, but seem to be changing my house to more neutral walls because I am so fickle with accessories and color changing...That said, my accessories are usually colorful! My customers look for neutrals it seems- or FABULOUS vintage pieces with color. New color, not so much.

    As for getting thigs done, I am with you. My work area ( aka: the dining room table or the ping pong table in the garage) usually looks like a bomb went off for 2 weeks before a show. I am usually sanding, collaging, painting, while watching Tv or talking to a daughter most evenings....I seem to work better with a deadline, though.

  8. I'm like you...greens and aqua/turquoise!!

  9. I love the all white rooms too, BUT, I really love color. My favorites are red, white and blue, but I am now making the move to more of a vintage/cottage look, so I want to add some yellow and touch of about that, a crayon box look!!! After seeing the dark, drab primitive look, I decided I like to brighten my world.

  10. Hi Jan....i linked your blog to an award on my post today. Check it out and let me know if there's any problems w/the link

  11. I also love the all white rooms but I need some color in my home. Blues & greens are my favorite colors to use in decorating. I love your happiness colors and the new urns are wonderful.


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