Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Savoring the Details

With so many objects passing through my hands, I sometimes don't take the time to appreciate the details. This architectural piece came home from Minnesota with me.  Although I found just one, the home it came from would have been loaded with trim.  
Imagine the time and care it took to create this one simple object of beauty.
 Now grab your afternoon tea and follow me over to Faded Charm to wander through a wealth of wonderful whiteness!


  1. I love this piece! I have accumulated several architectural pieces and one afternoon, finally hung them all! What are you going to do with yours?

  2. The detail is wonderful. Our old house has some great details and sometimes I forget to appreciate them because of the spiders, dust, and you get the idea.

  3. Can you hear me purring Jan....I ADORE archetectural pieces like this....We just don't have a LOT down here....** sigh **....I'm SURE to find some SOON though....!

    Hope you're well Lovey....!

    Tamarah xx

  4. Don't ya remember back in the day when we cringed at chippy we them!!!



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