Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need A Little Help From the Minnesota & Wisconsin Junkaloonies

We have a little family event coming up soon in Minnesota and I've convinced CG to stay an extra day so that I might have a little junkin' time.  We'll be in the Minneapolis area.  If you could visit just one or two places on a Sunday afternoon or Monday, where would you go I've been to Hunt & Gather previously, but no other shops.
I'm saving my pennies for a trip to Brimfield with Margaret in May, so need to shop where the prices are reasonable.  I'd also love to see the Bachman's Idea House. Teresa has convinced me that Buffalo is dreamy, but it's a bit farther than where we'll be...or shall we drive it anyway?   I may also be able to convince CG to stop on the way home so if you know of something near I94 in Mn/Wi I'd love to hear.  


  1. Hudson, WI has some great little shops with really creative finds. I would highly recommend it if it's on your way, plus it's a charming little town. I've also read good things about Buffalo, MN but I've never been.

    copper and tin

  2. If any of the occasional sale gals are doing a sale that weekend go to Buffalo, Minn. Joan@anythinggoeshere

  3. Buffalo is definitely worth the drive -- especially the Buffalo Nickel. Great stuff in an old barn. I always find something there.

    If you're driving down I-94 through Wisconsin, stop in the little town of Hixton, which is right off the interstate. Some great antique shops, including the School House. It will take a while to work your way through there.

  4. There is Antiques Minnesota off of 35W and Nicollet Ave in Burnsville. I rent space there.
    If it's next weekend, there are ocassional sales in Shakopee, Chaka and Carver's a little drive to those shops.

  5. If you only have a short time....Hopkins, a suburb just west of Minneapolis has 4 large vintage/antique shops within a 2 block radius right on Main Street. Very reasonable prices and great selection of everything from pedigree antiques to funky vintage/retro. Have Fun!

  6. THANKS for the mention about Buffalo! The next occasional sales here are April 7-8-9-10 - worth driving out if you can. Check out some metro estate sales, too - that would be some good 'morning' junking!

  7. Buffalo is worth the drive. Check out the times when Mustard Moon in Carver is going one of their occasional sales... there are several going on at once. A bit of driving around, but worth it! It's a very fun and festive time and both places pull out the stops when decorating, you'll come back with new ideas.


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