Friday, March 18, 2011

No Time to Create :(

I know we're all busy. How do so many of you find the time to create such wonderful things? Keeping my business running smoothly takes all my time. Between buying, photographing, listing on etsy, shipping, paperwork, tagging show items, blogging...there's no time left in my days to create.  I love what I do, but was just reminded again that I need to find a way to be more efficient! 
As I listed this sugar sack with the most beautiful faded red print...
...I realized that it would team up beautifully with a couple of old voting booth curtains in my shop.  A tote bag, an apron, a pillow...I can see them all in my mind's eye.  I've decided to save a similar sack and curtain for myself, but am wondering if I'll ever do anything with them. I'm truly frustrated by my inability to get to projects like this.  If you have any great time-management tips for me, sing out!  In the meantime, it's back to work for me...
Thanks to Michelle from Vintage Junky for including one of our items in her delightful post today. Check out her fun blog when you have a moment.


  1. and my problem is I never have time to blog!! I guess it is just a matter of priorities and I am going to make reading your blog more often one of mine. You do a wonderful job with your priorities Jan..don't sweat what you do not have time for!! xo

  2. I know what you mean about feeling like there is no time to create, but I just want to encourage you. In your post you said you are "buying, photographing, listing on etsy, shipping, paperwork, tagging show items, blogging."
    With the possible exception of shipping and paperwork, these are all creative endeavors - you are creating!
    Nice job!


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