Friday, July 29, 2011

Grain Sack Totes - The Great American Fleabag

 Who could have imagined back in April that it would take this long to have a few bags to offer for sale? It's a long boring story, but we're slowly making progress toward having a steady supply, (at least until my stockpile of bags is depleted.)  
 Here, from my April post, is how the Great American Fleabag(c) was born: 'Since I acquired hundreds of grain sacks last year and began selling them, I've noticed that many of them have been shunned.  A few small stains or a flaw in the fabric and they get passed over.  Since we've previously established that I love 'gnarly', I decided to sew a few totes from some of the less than perfect sacks'
Our totes are larger than average and 'Brimfield' tested.  Margaret and I stuffed and overstuffed them on our trip to Brimfield in May and found them to be perfect for flea market shopping.  You can pack a whole passel of treasures into one bag.  (Of course you may feel free to use your bag for other uses - like when you need to pick up eighteen baguettes at the bakery, take your laundry home to Mom, or pack lunch for the entire family if your name is 'Duggar'.............)
No two totes are alike, since each grain sack is an authentic farm-used bit of American history and shows it's age in it's own way .  You may expect to find any of the following:  stains, mends, occasionally a tiny hole, patches, fabric flaws, faded graphics, discoloration, snags, wear......
Our first few bags are currently available on etsy; click on the photo of the one you like to be taken directly to that listing, or click here to see which ones are currently available. 
When more totes are added, we'll post it on our Facebook page


  1. I love my tote. Jan was so sweet to give me one for our trip to Brimfield so we could "field test" the totes. We certainly did just that for 4 days straight. They passed the test with flying colors. We stuffed them until they could not hold another thing. Even had a few compliments along the way on the cool bags. Great to see they are on the market Jan...great job!

  2. they are fabulous - i have been working on some too! i just love old sacks, but then you already know that! LOL!! great job!! xx c

  3. Okay. I so need one of these. Or several!!!!! Are you bringing them to Elkhorn? I'd like a "lot" of them :-) Can't wait to see you guys again! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff! XOXO Laura at B & B's Nest!

  4. Fleabag?!? Hmmmm, I know you wouldn't be referring to me of course or that I was your inspiration....only my Dad would refer to me as a fleabag.... however, don't mew think I would like rather dapper in one of those "fleabags'?!?! I'm trying to talk "her" into the one with the wonderful black lettering on one side - I think it would go nicely with the darker stripes of fur I currently wear ;)



  5. I love the worn look of the grainsacks. That just shows the authenticity, the love, the load, the years....

    Headed to your shop. I have an etsy also, but unfortunately, no grain sacks in mine.


  6. Love the sacks...great idea....Please give me your booth number...I’m hoping to make Elkhorn on the 15th. Cheers! cynthia

  7. These are wonderful-I think the imperfections just add to it!

  8. I reckon your bags ROCK Jan....Big & roomy....Exactly what you need for some heavy duty flea market shopping....!!!

    I ESPECIALLY love the model you used to display them....You KNOW how I HEART her....**wink**....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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