Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Joy of Books

My love affair with books started in my childhood; I blogged about it, (click here), a couple of years ago.  Two summers ago I found this old sign at a flea market, for the princely sum of $2.
Yep, two dollars.  It resides on one of those awkward plant niches, 9 feet up, in my living room. Hence the extra-awful photos.  (I risked life and limb standing on a bench to try to capture it on this dreary day.) It's one of the few things in my home that will never be for sale. I love it.
It's made of plywood; the flaking paint is 'accented' by the random flowers. 
It works well with some of my old leather-bound books.  Contrary to what everyone says, I think you can judge a book by it's cover.  If it looks good, I love it and could care less what's inside!  (Wow, that sounds a little shallow doesn't it? Just so you know, metaphorically speaking, I do subscribe to the "can't judge..." adage when it comes to people!) 

I'm linking up with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday...check it out!
...and if you adore books as much as I do, I know that you will love watching this amazing video.


  1. I love your Books sign! Don't blame you one bit for never giving it up. I have a similar Antiques sign that sat outside a home/antiques shop here back in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. That one stays with me for-ever.

  2. Love the sign! My books are dear friends too!!

  3. Wonderfully **ChiPPy** Sign!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  4. The sign is the bomb. I have zero leather books, wish I had some, but I adore all my books and I am surrounded by them, in piles I might add.

  5. I love reading too and am always amazed at how many people I know that do not read. I get rid of my books quickly after reading them, I have toooo many to hang onto them once they are read. My husband is a big reader too, he just got his PhD in history - he very rarely gets rid of his books and has some very nice, VERY expensive books in his collection. I have managed to get him some really pricey books cheap while junking, it brings me joy to find them for him! I love your sign! We wouldn't get rid of that sign either! :) Carmen

  6. Jan--love..love..LOVE that sign! From one literature lover to another, you are one lucky gal to have found that--and for such a terrific price! Wow!
    Best, Lisa (the frenchman's wife).

  7. OH the sign is wonderful...a keeper for sure!

  8. I love that wonderful chippy peeling sign and you have a great book collection.

  9. I love, love, love your sign. Can I post it on Pinterest?


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