Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White Wednesday - If Rachel Ashwell Met Tim Burton

Quirky, offbeat, strange things always grab me and I found a doozie at an estate sale on Monday.  Kathy was with me and quickly dubbed it "the Tim Burton church".  I think she's right, but with a little Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic thrown in! 
The sale was in an old Milwaukee home.  The lady had been a cake decorator and I suppose that this had been created as part of a beautiful Christmas display at some point.
Trees made of netting with garlands of icing...
..."frosted" branches backed by angel hair...
...caroling's all there.
It had been stored in the decrepit attic.  There are bits of shingles, nails, plastic, and lots of dust on it.
I'm still debating whether to clean it up or leave it and use it in a Halloween display.  What would you do?
It makes me smile, and for now it's a keeper.

Have you found anything lately that brings a smile?
I'm linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday... go check it out!
Laura from B&B's Nest featured our Grayslake booth on her blog today.  You can see it here.  Thanks Laura - it's always fun to see you!


  1. Jan, it is a treasure and you are right it is Tim Burton like. We love Burton here. It could be Christmas or Halloween or anytime for that matter it is so sweet. I am working on my post of my finds my friend sun or no sun! Hugs♥O

  2. oooh whats that? a fairycastle? just soooo great! love it! wishing you a creative week and cant wait to see more! di

  3. Now I like it! And what fun to shop the nooks and crannies of an estate sale! Recently found an old piano bench covered with boxes of tools in the darkest farthest corner of a basement! Needless to say when I brought it to light everyone wanted to buy!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your cute,quirky find

  5. Oh my gosh...I love it. Is it sugared? I would try and clean it up and then...just love it...but not to pieces! LOL

  6. What a great find ~ I would clean it up!

  7. Cool find. At Easter time, I always think back to those sugar eggs I had has a child with a scene in them, and wonder how they were made. There seems to be no one alive that seems to know. I bet who ever made that would know how. I keep it, but don't know what I'd do with it.

  8. Hi Jan, what a fantastic find. It looks so delicate, I would leave it as is, it is perfect. It would make a great display piece all year round. Thanks for sharing, Tam x


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