Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's Missing in This Photo?

After sleeping late on Saturday morning I got up and announced to CG that I wasn't going to leave the house all day.  I grabbed a cuppa and my iPad and leisurely started browsing the internet.  At 9:20, to my complete and utter horror, I learned that there was an auction, starting at 10:30 a.m., in a neighboring state.  The contents of a closed sign business were being sold.  AAAAAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwwww - why didn't I know about that?  I ran for the shower and was dressed and out the door by 9:40.

I walked into the building just before 11:00 and a quick scan showed boxes and boxes of sign letters, not as old as I'd hoped, but lots of them.  By now I'm sure you all know how I feel about letters.

There were also some great old signs, but since I no longer have my van, I really have to consider every purchase that I make,  and whether I can easily get it home. I particularly loved this one:
Aside from being big, however, those glass tubes make me very nervous - they break easily, so I wasn't too tempted to bid.   I did however manage to load my vehicle to the brim with letters, as well as some great little parts trays. (To the concession guy who confidently stated "you'll never get all that in a Pilot", I'd like to say "yes I did" and didn't even have to use the front seat.  Organization is the key!)   I dropped most of them at my storage unit on the way home, but will be gradually getting them out and into my etsy store

So did you figure out what's missing in the photo?
Women!  When I go to an industrial-type auction I know that any women in attendance are usually there because they like the same types of things that I do.  Now I love my gal pals as much as anyone, but when I'm buying, I'd just as soon not be competing with a whole roomful of like-minded peeps. There were a handful of other ladies in attendance, including the very talented Mary of Urban Farmgirl. I've followed her blog for ages, but don't ever remember officially meeting.  It was great to get acquainted a bit.

All in all, I'm glad that my Saturday took an unplanned turn, but wish that I'd done my homework so I'd known what was cominig up!  Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Yes it has happened to us. I am thrilled you got letters as I know you love them. Just as with that large sign I went to an old old country house that had the most gorgeous china cabinet, it had animals with fangs at the top, kind of weird, but was from the turn of the century and in very good shape for $275.00 but I have no way of moving that sort of item.

  2. Well so glad you made the auction! Sounds like you came away with lots of good stuff too!

  3. You go!!!!!!!
    Yes, I have done this as well, although not interstate!!lol! However it caused me to break my own auction rule..PREVIEW ,PREVIEW,PREVIEW!!
    (Remind me to tell you about the 3 legged pie safe I bought one time.)
    Sounds like you did better than me, I know you love letters and I always LOVE the stuff you find!!

  4. Hi there,
    No, not yet where I live. The industrial auctions here consists of trucks and farm items. I'm not looking for that. But, I can relate to your last minute getting ready. That happens SO Many Times! Talk about rush. Ha, Ha. Enjoy your loot!
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog :)
    xxx Liz

  5. Sounds like the turn in your day was a good one. I would have never, ever have guessed what was missing in those pictures. Pretty funny! Congrats on your haul! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Glad you weren't missing!
    Around these parts women are the main competition at auctions...even country ones...and they're tough to out bid.


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