Thursday, July 8, 2010

All American Finds - Meet My New Man "GW"

This was a fun day as I love being surrounded by patriotic displays all year long.  Off I went to purchase one special item and ended up with a whole lot more.  First, allow me to introduce you to the animatronic George Washington.  At 4 feet tall with a composition head, arms & legs, velvet coat and cotton wig, he's utterly charming.  He's missing a hand and one arm is broken but present.  His head nods up and down when you plug in the cord.

I'll be giving him a little TLC to minimize his injuries and spiff him up a bit.

Once the deal was made on George, I learned that his owner is downsizing and willing to sell more items from her collection.  Her home was filled with great bits of Americana and I was happy to bring some of them home. 

 - a group of smalls -                                                             
- a cute "chicks" sign -

- "God Bless America..." -

- "Housekeeping Rooms" -

- Early 1900s sand toys -

- saleman's sample saddle -

- Soap crate converted to shelf -

- Framed bunting from 1932 -

- early 1900s trim on bolts -

- 1899 Betsy Ross Assoc. Certificate - the next post I'll show you the early 1900s classroom charts...they're fantastic!


  1. I love the chicks sign. Great finds. ♣olive

  2. Lucky you in the right place at the right time it all looks cool. Love the signs,keep on shoppin.
    Take care of you, love ya Ginger

  3. Oh boy another great patriotic find for me to drool over! Love him...great find.

  4. Love, love, love the soap crate shelf..its to die for! Tamara from Australia


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