Friday, July 16, 2010

A Tiny Little Junk Bonanza Teaser.... Numbers

Less than 2 months until Junk Bonanza....yippeeee!  It's time to start pulling out some of the 'schnibbles and bits' that I promised to take.  We'll start with these; a collection of bus passes from the 1930's to the 1970's.  The graphics are great and I love them cause each one has a number on it!  Perfect for your projects.

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  1. Looks like great stuff! I'm soooo hoping to go to Junk Bonanza... have you shown there before? If I don't get there, I'll see you at Elkhorn.

  2. Very cute perfect for projects...your junk bonanza sounds fun, cheers katherine

  3. Wow....I love those old bus passes!! You have all the cool stuff up there--I've never seen those around here!!

  4. Hey Jan....have a few of these myself but there is always room for more of these old some for me will you ;-)

  5. Hi there
    Looks great! I hope I can get over to see you, I will be selling at the Creative Connection!
    I know they are doing shuttles back and forth.
    Thanks for stopping by

  6. Your bus passes are so fun~ I love ephemera goodies! Junk Bonanza is coming up fast!!


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