Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Storage, Display, Personality..3 Functional Finds

Things really do come in threes, don't they?  My July finds are all different but have storage & display possibilities in common.

...with apologies for the down 'n dirty garage snapshots...
1.  Just in, this country cupboard.  When I saw a photo of it I knew that it would be the perfect display unit for our "creepy corner" at Junk Bonanza. Since getting it home yesterday I've removed the solid doors and hit it with the sandpaper to expose a bit of the white paint underneath.  Soon I'll cover the toile wallpaper with something more suitable for our use. 

This piece comes with an interesting bit of trivia for the Packer fans among us.  The gal I bought it from is the granddaughter of Lisle Blackbourn, coach of Green Bay Packers from 1954-1957.  He drafted Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Jerry Kramer, among others.  This cabinet was from the farmhouse that Lisle grew up in.

2. Two nights ago, this great cubby unit called for me to come and get it. 

The brass tags are original and I love the years of use that are visible in each section.

3. This old survivor.  The lower section is really rough and the back has been reinforced with chipboard. I'm pondering just cutting the lower part off so that the drawers can be used on a table; would that be dumb?  
Tomorrow, I'm off on a little road trip and will return just in time for the Kane County Flea Market this weekend. See you there?


  1. What wonderful finds! And I love the history! I agree with taking the shelves off the last piece, they almost look ready to cave in. I think the drawers would look awesome on a table.

  2. OH these are awesome finds...I can't wait to visit your Junk Bonanza booth!!

  3. As they say go with your first instinct, off with them. I think it will look great on a table or tall bench. Gatherings(Wanda) has one real close to that one in a post not long back.
    Have fun at Kane See ya G

  4. Love the cubby, it could come home with me too!!! Thanks for sharing. Where is the Elkorn show ---is it IOWA? Let me know if it is as we will take a road trip, not all that far from us. Carolyn

  5. The cubbies are calling to me Jan but shipping would be horrid I know. hugs♥olive

  6. Love #3, I could definitely find a spot for that one :) Hope you enjoy your road trip, bye for now, Tamara

  7. I love all these pieces and would love to have the cubbies. Yes, I guess i would cut off the bottom as well. It’s always a shame to alter nice original stuff, but sometimes it has to be done. Those bottom shelves don’t look very useful and a bit wobbly.

  8. I think the drawer piece would look better with the bottom shelves sawn off. Great find....oh and love the cubby!!!


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