Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out of "Sorts"? - Not Me! and Today's Vintage

I started on "the big sort" a couple of days ago.  I'm forever buying bags of tiny things, bringing them home and tossing them into storage tubs.  Does anyone else do that?  I rarely pull them out for shows because it seems that when I do, no one looks at them anyway.  With CREATE and Junk Bonanza on the horizon, I figured that it's time to see what's here that would be useful for assemblage and altered art. 

A peek through the door reveals a
The tactile qualities of little objects are appealing to me so I didn't want to put them into zip bags. Instead, I made little square "boxes" out of pretty paper and started sorting.
It was fun to discover a small portion of what's been in storage all this time...
...tiny charms & pins...
 ...keys, small toys, gents items...
 ...paper dolls, specs, seed packets... & clock parts - I have loads more somewhere, labels & silks...

...and I've just begun.  Over the next month or so I'll be going through all of my storage tubs and pulling things out. Then I'll start on the ephemera - that will be overwhelming!  Once that's all done I'll have to decide what I can part with and what must stay before packing for the shows.  

On another note, I ran across this free newsletter today called Today's Vintage.  I think there's some great info for those of us in the Midwest about what's going on out West in the vintage world.  I found it through a link on a blog that Sassytrash wrote about - The Mermaid's Mercantile. (She was's FUN blog and looks like a "must see" shop if you're ever out that way.)  I learn the best things from reading everyone else's blogs. Check out my list on the right; yes, I really do read and enjoy each one!

Keep on junkin'!


  1. All those little boxes,with all there little treasures oh my. I have no doubt if you take some of them they will sell,so many findings fun fun. Have a good day Ginger

  2. Hi There, Dang you’ve got some great stuff. Looks like my trip to Wisconsin will be late Sept. so I’ll make it to the last elkhorn to finally meet you. Love your taste. You find amazing thing. I love the Milwaukee bus tokens...

  3. Looks as though there is lots of fun stuff in those boxes!!!! Right up my alley. Love the old eye glasses. Carolyn

  4. sweet...I would dig through all of it gladly...olive♥

  5. Hi Jan, Looks to me like you've been having way too much fun at your house diggin' through all that great little stuff!!! Can I come over to your house and play?!? Hugs, Julie

  6. That's just what I do, too! I need to come shop at your Junk Bonanza booth!

  7. I really need to get to Junk Bonanza this year! I love all the little trinkets you've been sorting, especially the keys and the watch much great stuff!
    Keep showing the pictures...would love to see the ephemera you have.

  8. Wow...what an awesome collection of treasures...hope you have a great weekend!


  9. What a stash!!!! Oh my whiskers - lock the door and don't let "her" in....."she" saw the pictures and started foaming at the mouth! Little things are the best for creating...or so "she" says....purrsonally I like the little things too, but they have to be soft enough to carry around or flat enough to bat around until they go under the refrigerator ;)

    I hope you are having a great weekend!!!


    Romeo and "her"


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