Friday, July 2, 2010

Mount Vernon Show July 4th and Junk Bonanza


It didn't take this to get me excited about heading to Mt Vernon, Iowa for the Lincoln Highway Antiques Extravaganza, but now I'm extra-glad to be leaving in the morning.  This, my friends, is a "hardwood rescue system".

Yes, we had a little incident resulting in water cascading down the stairs into the family room and through the hardwood floor, turning the recessed lights below into a sprinkler system.  Those yellow hoses are attached to a machine that's sitting in the kitchen.  The sound it makes is akin to that of a jet engine just before takeoff.  That 'special' machine will be running non-stop until Monday.

Adding to the 'ambiance' are six giant fans and a dehumidifier the size of a refrigerator running in the family room, baseboards pulled off, and carpet lifted to remove padding.  Still, we're very thankful that CG was home when it happened to keep a bad thing from getting 'badder', that the washer repairman took ownership of his goof and  has good insurance, that none of our belongings were damaged, that we live in the grand scheme of things it's a minor inconvenience.

I'll be arriving in Mt. Vernon tomorrow with an eclectic group of goodies, not as well prepared as I'd planned to be, but with plenty to sell.  Here's a little peek starting with lots of baby shoes...

- Great ephemera including 
these 1930s German die cuts -

- 1890s -1920s fashion illustrations 
and magazines from Germany and Paris -

- vintage locker baskets -

- folding rulers that make great stars -

and much, much more!


Can it be that it's only 76 days away?  Yikes!  Kathy & I would like to thank Jill for the nice feature on the Junk Bonanza blog today. 


  1. Loved reading your blog...

    check out the Giveaway at A Baby Changes Everything

    Have a safe and happy Fourth. Celebrate America

  2. Congrats on the JB feature. It's gonna be another fun show! Sad to hear about your little incident. An inconvenience to say the least! Looks like you're gonna have a fun weekend though, and it looks like you have some great stuff to bring with! Happy 4th!


  3. OMG!!! So sorry to hear about the mess!!! Hope all is looking well upon your return from the antique weekend... Jeanine, ChiPPY!-SHaBBy!

  4. Sorry to hear of the mess...we have gone through that sort of thing before, no fun! I'm looking forward to Junk Bonanza,'s coming up fast!!


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