Sunday, April 1, 2012

Down Lilac Lane at Waterloo

It's a junkalicious trifecta now at the Waterloo Antiques Mall.  At the top of the stairs, Gracie's Cottage, just to the right Altered Ever After, and now in the corner just to the right of that, my friend Kathy has set up her space, 'Down Lilac Lane'.  The following pics are from her space...a hint of all the great things you'll see!

While Kathy and I were working in her booth this past Friday, it was so busy in the mall that it was like working a show.  We met so many great folks. (Thank you all for your business...we enjoyed meeting each of you!)  I got Jean to stand still just long enough for a photo.
We'll be restocking Waterloo on Tuesday this week...I've picked up some more great things.  Come one out and catch us there!


  1. Three fabulous reasons for me to make a trip to Iowa soon! I'm glad that you're "together again"! xo

    1. I shoul be more specific ... It's Waterloo WI. All of us will be in Iowa at the end of April for Junk Jubilee

  2. I had a fabulous time shopping at all three of your spaces! I will certainly be back! Oh - I thought you were going to trim a few pounds off me in the picture!!!


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