Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Back and It's A KG Salvataggio Giveaway!

My trip was great fun and I came home a bit jealous of all of you junkers in Oregon.  You've got an abundance of wonderful places to shop.  It was a treat to see the booths of Kathleen of Faded Charm and Bella, B is for Bella at the Monticello Antique Mall.  I posted a few pics on my FB page last week - check it out!

The reason for my visit to Portland was to visit my niece, Kirsten.  (Here she is at Rejuvination where we found a sofa that was a great match for her boots!)  Kirsten and her husband recently moved to Oregon from California and she's having a blast exploring the shops.  We barely scratched the surface in the few days that I was there.

Kirsten is an artist and a personal trainer.  She loves God, her husband, her three dogs, her handsome  Freesian, and creating beautiful art from bits and pieces.  She recently opened an etsy shop, KGSalvataggio,showcasing some of her jewelry.  To introduce the shop, she is giving away one of her necklaces. Her pieces have a Western/Boho/Gypsy/Industrial vibe that I love.

 Her profile says it better than I can:
"All of my creations are designed and executed solely by me using quality materials combined in unexpected ways. I use a wide variety of materials which may include the following: hardware, recycled items, (leather, vintage chains, salvaged industrial items, antique beads and buttons), Swarovski Crystals, wire, metal, and other interesting findings."
I love her tag line:
"My art is inspired by God's Creation and man's junk."
Check out the cross - cut from an industrial serial plate and adorned with crystals.  Photos can never do justice to the quality and intricacy of these pieces.
No two necklaces are ever exactly alike.  I was wearing one of the Dodo birds yesterday.  When I got off the plane the flight attendant said she'd been admiring my necklace the entire flight and had to know where I got it.

Here's how YOU can enter to win the necklace of your choice from KGSalvataggio 
1.  Click here to visit KGSalvataggio and leave a comment on this post stating the name of the necklace that  is your favorite.  
2.  Put a link to this post on your Facebook page and leave a comment on this post stating that you did.
3.  Tweet a link to this post and leave a comment on this post stating that you did.
4.  Include a link to this post in your blog post and leave a comment on this post stating that you did/
Simple, hey?  Just remember to leave one comment for each of the above that you do. You can have up to four chances to win!  Comments will be numbered in the order they come in and on Tuesday, April 24th we'll let choose the winner.  You'll then be able to choose any available necklace on KGSalvataggio and Kirsten will send it to you.

Now head on over to Faded Charm for White Wednesday and see what else is going on!


  1. I really like the cross necklace. I visited her shop.

  2. Jan,
    thanks for stopping by to visit at my blog today. :-) Hugs to you and grateful in my heart for any prayers you lift for Justin, the Marines, heck the whole Military Forces. The jewelry eye candy is beautiful. She is a talented gal, and I love her tag line...
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo

  3. YOU are sooooo lucky to have visited Faded Charm & Bella's BOOTHS!!!!!
    I'm headed over to FaceBook right now for pics...
    AND - I'm soooo in love with those CowBoy Boots!*!*! - Old Gringo????????
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  4. creativity runs in the family, so cute! hard to pick but love the industrious tassel and frazzeled owl!

  5. OOOOOO.. I like the frazzeled owl. I think my daughter and I would fight over that pc. :)

  6. I really like the Salvaged Heart necklace - thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  7. I love the salvaged heart. I'd love to win that!!

  8. Love the KGSalvataggio Star, Kirsten is very talented, lot's of beautiful pieces! ~Marcy

  9. Gracie's Cottage: I'm Back and It's A KG Salvataggio Giveaway!


  10. Hi,
    I've tried to comment but it's not showing up, so if two show up please delete one. I love the Salvage Heart necklace and would love to win that!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a piece of her jewelry!

  11. You've got some amazing talent in your family! Kirsten's jewelry is over-the-top original and I love it all! Her salvaged heart is speaking to me but who could resist the dodo bird! I just know that she will do fabulously on her etsy shop!

  12. I love to share new-to-me artists so I gave KGSalvataggio a shout out on my sidebar.

  13. I visited her shop. I liked the Junk Truck one the best. Too cute. :) Thanks for the chance. :) I love to re-purpose stuff.

  14. I love Kirsten's boots!! They are sooo pretty. She is very talented too! I love both the Junk Truck necklace and the Heart of Leather necklace. Carmen

  15. Beautifully complicated is a beautiful necklace...I love them all! Hugs!


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