Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grain Sack Floorcloth

You don't always need a rug under your feet.  Sometimes a floorcloth is just right.  With that in mind,
I've created this simple, yet fun, floorcloth from an old grain sack.  Just as with my grain sack fleabags, I chose to include and celebrate the stains & imperfections of the old sack.

The wonderful texture of the heavy cotton is not lost, but the floorcloth has a coating which allows light soil to be wiped off with a damp cloth.  (If you have farmboys tracking axel grease into the house, this may not be fore you....)

It's that time again...White Wednesday at Faded Charm - let's go check it out!


  1. Hi

    The floor cloth looks great!

    I decided to do my first giveaway. It's exciting. First time I give away some of my own findings.


  2. Jan, I love it as a floor cloth but it would be fabulous on a wall as well. Thanks so much for your comment on my series. It means so much. Hugs, Olive

    P.S. I love and use the grain sack market bag I got from you all the time. It is roomy and sturdy.

  3. Love love love!!

    you'll have to show me how you did it!


  4. That is very cute. So cute that i had to go check out your etsy shop and see the market bag that Olive was talking about! You have some cute stuff in there.

  5. What a good idea, shame we don't have grain sacks

  6. The perfect farm house rug. I like it. Smiles ,Susie(She Junks)


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