Friday, April 20, 2012

Giveaway Reminder and Shopping Portland 1. Rejuvination -

Just a reminder - if you haven't entered the KGSalvataggio giveaway on my last post yet click here for details. The odds of winning are very good at the moment!
Now, Portland.
The first shop that Kirsten and I visited was Rejuvination and it knocked my socks off!  The front part of the large store is filled with refurbished or upcycled industrial furnishings and lighting.

Do you see what the top of this table is?  An expandable painter's scaffolding board.

The legs on this old dental cabinet are swoon-worth.

If you like these giant light bulbs, you're in luck.  I have some and will bring them along to Junk Jubilee in Des Moines. (Junk Jubilee starts just a week from today!)

The back part of Rejuvination is loaded with salvaged items.
I was so in love with this cabinet that I forgot to see what was for sale in all those drawers.

She was beat up but hadn't lost her dignity!

There were one-of-a-kind finds...

...and gazillions of other things.

When I travel and shop, I usually come back to Wisconsin with a new appreciation of what is available to us here in the Midwest.  Prices at Rejuvination were many times higher than what I sell my items for. (If you'd like an example of that, come see my basket full of door knobs at the Waterloo (WI) Antiques Mall.  What I sell for $5-10, are $10-70 in Portland.)

This little beauty is one thing that I did consider purchasing, in spite of the price tag.  You rotate the handle to select a letter:

...and it punches it onto paper.  You all know how much I love letters!  This was great. If you find yourself in Portland, don't miss Rejuvination!

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  1. I love that store.......I agree about the prices, but the free inspiration.........

  2. One of the things on my bucket list is to tour Oregon and Washington and browse and wish I could take it all home with me. (I had to look up the company and not look like an idiot if Portland was on the east coast) Just about 10 hours from me. I will surely look at Rejuvination if I get to go. Love all your pictures.

  3. Wow what an assortment . I would love to just walk thru to look at it all. Have a nice weekend. Smiles, Susie

  4. The stroe and it's price is regonable.So it is helpful.

  5. Looks like an awesome store. That cabinet is a find! Have good weekend!


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